Bullock® additivi: pulitore professional Diesel


Professional Diesel


Thanks to its special, immediate detergent formula, Bullock® Professional Petrol removes the accumulation of deposits right from the first use, avoiding abnormal fuel consumption and reducing polluting emissions. The Power Up octane technology optimizes and improves performance and prevents starting difficulties. It also protects the entire engine from corrosion and rust, and reduces the irregular idle value. The ease of driving is improved thanks to the addition of a special modifying agent of the coefficient of friction, increasing acceleration, power, and fuel economy while reducing engine wear. The product is suitable for all classic/modern engines and catalytic converters including those with Start & Stop technology.


Pour the entire contents of the can into the tank before filling up. 1 l treats a full tank of fuel (up to 60 liters). To be used every 9,000 km in case of constant maintenance over time; for particularly dirty engines, repeat the treatment for 2 consecutive full tanks.

Size 1000 ml

Features and Advantages

Restores the engine’s performance and
increases its power

Cleans and protects the entire


Reduces emissions
and exhaust gases