Bullock® additivi: Trattamento multifunzione Benzina


Hybrid Engine Treatment


Thanks to its detergent formula with Keep-Clean technology, the product prevents the accumulation of deposits on the injectors, on the intake valves, and in the combustion chamber, preserving the efficiency of the entire engine. It contains a special friction coefficient modifier and an effective antioxidant which reduce the engine’s friction and wear and improve its efficiency. It also inhibits fuel aging and the formation of deposits even in case of high temperatures. Regular use reduces fuel consumption and emissions, and helps reduce maintenance costs.


250 ml treat a full tank of fuel (up to 60 liters).
To be used every 3,000 km.

Size 250 ml

Features and Advantages

Improves power and

Reduces consumption,
emissions and exhaust gases

Reduces engine wear
and maintenance costs

Suitable for Start&Stop