Bullock® additivi: Pulitore Completo GPL


Complete Fuel System Cleaner


One package eliminates deposits, rubber, lacquers, sulfur and ammonia from the engine, protecting the entire LPG system. It also lubricates and protects the valve seats from wear and protects rubbers and gaskets from drying out.


With the engine off and the tank approximately 80% empty, firmly screw the special universal connector to the central threaded hole of the filler neck, removing, if necessary, the excess threaded parts; connect the spout of the cylinder valve at the end of the universal connector and, with the cylinder upside down, press gently for about 30-35 seconds. Remove the connector and fill the LPG tank.

N.B. When finished, a small quantity of propellant gas will remain in the cylinder. It is advisable to empty this completely, using the supplied connector, before disposing of the cylinder in the appropriate containers. The product treats a full tank of 50-60 liters. To be used every 10,000 km.

Size 120 ml

Features and Advantages

Reduces maintenance

Lubricates and protects
valves and seals

original performance