Bullock® additivi: pulitore Completo Diesel


Complete Fuel System Cleaner


With its special formula with total cleaning action and TOP Lubricity technology, the product deeply cleans the entire engine by removing the accumulation of deposits on the injectors, on the intake valves, and in the combustion chamber. It also restores the engine’s original performance and efficiency, and protects the engine itself. Moreover, thanks to the addition of a special modifier of the coefficient of friction, it improves acceleration and power. Suitable for all classic/modern engines.


250 ml treat a full tank of fuel (up to 60 liters). To be used every 6,500 km in case of constant maintenance over time; for particularly dirty engines, repeat the treatment for a number of consecutive full tanks.

Size 250 ml

Features and Advantages

Reduces friction

Restores engine power and

Reduces emissions

Avoids corrosion and rust

Reduces consumption
and maintenance costs

Suitable for Start&Stop engines